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London, England, United Kingdom.
Arterton AW '22 for Yearn Shoemaker.

Working for London-based luxury atelier Arterton, I photographed a campaign alongside company founder William Wong, writer Nick Hendry, and tailor Mattia Finaldi for Yearn Shoemaker in the historic neighbourhoods of the city.


Guildhall School, London, United Kingdom.
Cyrill Ibrahim, in Studio.

Famed pianist Cyrill Ibrahim, photographed in Black and White during an intimate recording session at the Guildhall School, London.


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~ Observations & Stories ~ 


~ Architecture & Degree Work ~ 

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Hello, I'm Henry Kincaid, a photographer, writer, and recent Interior Architecture graduate from the University for the Creative Arts in Farnham, UK.
My work has involved the exploration of various fields of connected study, from those that lie in perpetuating process; in researching, exploring, and documenting that which inspires and facilitates further and better process, to observational work, exploring the ways in which visual culture is well-lived by those within it, and cultivated over time by those all around it. 
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